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Oct 14, 2006  all my pictures

Anyway,after many Drs. saying there was nothing wrong with me,I kept digging,finally i went to an infectuous Dr.about the Epstein-Barr,he told me there was no cure.Several months later the Epstein-Barr test came out negative,it just showed that I had a pass infection.The Dr.said to me lady there is nothing wrong with you,then said I think you need to see a psycologist,well i left crying,but i took him up on that offer.

I made an appt with a psycologist,the psycologist said well depression can make you tired,I said I understand but come on this tiredness lingers,it should get better.He said to me Teresa how's your sleep? I told him well i usually go to sleep 11 pm but get up four times a night.Then he said have you ever gone for a sleep study,I laughed to myself and thought he was crazy.I knew something had to be wrong because he put me on Ritalin and still I was tired.

I took him up on the offer so the end of June 2003 I went for a sleep study,mind you I had two tests.I went in 8pm at night,and they kept me till 2pm the following day.Well,lo & behold,this psycologist saved me.I was diagnosed with Severe Sleep Apnea and Narcolepsy.Funny thing is Narcolepsy is not definitively diagnosed in most patients until 10-15 years after the first symptoms appear. I also found out the hypocretins regulate appetite and feeding behavior in addition to controlling sleep.Therefore,the loss of hypocretin-producing neurons may explain not only how narcolepsy develops in some people,but also why people with narcolepsy have higher rates of obesity compared to the general population..

This site is wonderful, they even sent me brochures on this.Now I know why I suffered so long,being lethargic etc.I also know I will always have narcolepsy there is no cure.

December 2003

Tuesday,December 2nd 2003 I have an appointment for an upper endoscopy at 10 am,I have to be at hospital 9:15 am to register etc.I don't know what to expect,I guess that's good in a way.I do know nothing to eat or drink after midnight. Depending on how I feel when I get back from test I will write some more.

Wednesday,Dec.3rd 2003 I had the endoscopy done,what a breeze,nothing to it.However, Dr.said that my stomach and small intestine was red and inflamed he took a biopsy,and i should have results in about a week.Sometimes these tests seem like a pain,but actually i am happy that they make you go through all these tests.

Tuesday,Dec.9,2003 Today I had an appt.with Gastroenterologist,to go over endoscopy results from prior week.My blood work came out very good.The biopsy they took came back negative.However,my small intestine and stomach is still red and irritated.Dr.gave me clearance for surgery anyway.I think it might just be a virus. Time will tell,if it doesn't get better in a few weeks,dr. will do a colonoscopy.I am kind of scared,cause usually stomach viruses are for 24 hours, this has been going on almost 2 weeks.Although,blood tests,and biopsy are good,I shouldn't worry a lot.

Friday,Dec.12,2003 Today I went for ultrasound of gall bladder and chest x-ray...the gentleman who did my ultrasound said I take nice pictures I will go for my cardiology evaluation,that is scheduled for Dec.16th,2003..stay tuned...
January 2004

Echocardiogram test 1/6/2004 all is well : )
February 2004

Nothing to report this month.

March 2004

Started pre-op nutrition classes this is mandatory for 6 weeks. March 9th I had pulmonary eval and an arterial blood gas test,that hurt (ouch)results:passed

April 2004

4/6/2004 had psyc eval. All brain cells are functioning to the max(LOL)Passed with flying colors.
May 2004

5/11/04 Went for a thallium stress test,whew they injected me with a dye and for 6 minutes they tested my heart.Yippee results were good,see I always knew I had a good heart (lol)
5/17/04 Yippeee primary phys. gave the ok for me to have surgery

June 2004

I have a date 6/30/2004.Have boot camp June 25th,2004 have to be at hospital 7:30 am, then have an appt 2:30 pm with my surgeon.Full day.
June 26th,2004 Well now I know why they call it boot am till 12:30 pm,we were shown around the hospital,how to use equipment,and orientation.I was impressed though,and must say my Dr.& his team have one of the best programs in USA.After reading some posts on the main message board here,I can't believe some of the things people ask.
On a sad note after boot camp I met with my Dr. he cancelled my surgery,and told me I need to lose 20 pounds.I am happy Dr.O is concerned and cares!!
July 2004

7/7/2004 I went to Drs. to weigh in and lost 8 pounds, I am happy it's been 10 days since I started cutting out carbs.So 8 down 12 to go.

7/16/2004 Went to Drs. to weigh in 2 more pounds gone,half way there need to lose 10 more pounds. :)

7/30/2004 Woohooooo I got weighed in today lost a big 8 and a half pounds!! That makes my total lost 18 and a half pounds just 1 and a half more pounds to go!!The Drs. assistant said she will see if i can be rescheduled now. I am sooooo happy!!!

August 2004

August 6th, 2004 YES!! I have a date Sept.14th,2004
Mon 8/9/04 went to get weighed in - another 2 and a half pounds, a total of 21 pounds gone!!

August 30th,2004 went for pre-admission lab work,and then Sept2nd I will see Dr.O and go over any concerns before surgery.

September 2004

Wow!! Today Sept.2nd 2004 I went to Dr.O for last pre-op visit. He was happy and so was I cause I lost 6 and a half more pounds that puts my total weight loss at minus 28 pounds, he wanted me to lose 20 pounds,just 12 more days left till surgery ,and a new ME!!
Sept 10th well surgery is postponed i have a sinus infection. :(

October 2004

Well i have a new date Oct 19th, but Dr. office called me and moved me up to Oct12th,2004. Went for pre-admission testing Oct 8th,and lost more weight! A total of 40 pounds. I am getting nervous just 2 days left to a new me.
Well had my surgery 10/12/04. Everything went great,stayed in hospital 2 days.Dr. saw me next day 10/13/04 and said that surgery was a success. I was really out of it first day and a half.I am sore but this too shall pass.
Oct 21st,2004 had an appointment today with Dr.O in 9 days i lost 10 pounds,as my surgery was oct 12th. He asked me if i was drinking enough water, well i am drinking about 3 glasses a day, he told me to try & increase my water intake,as dehydration can set in,and to see him in 1 week.Dr.O is a very caring, gifted Dr.
Oct 28th,2004 had an appt. today with Dr.O down 7 more pounds,a total of 17 pounds since my surgery Oct 12th.Dr.O is pleased with me,he wants to see me in 2 weeks,and gave me a paper to have blood tests done,such as iron & vitamins in my body.I am very happy with this surgery : )

November 2004

November 15th,04 I had my 1 month check-up and am down -28 pounds i am so happy. My Dr. was pleased with my lab results,protein,b-12 etc. in my body.Dr. said to come back in 2 months,and have blood test a few day before appt. that's it for now.

January 2005

January 2005 a New Year!! A new me, Happy New Year to all.
Jan 13,2005 today I had my 3 month check up, down 55 pounds Hooray,Dr. scolded me very bad today about smoking.I am stressed and it's a hard habit to kick for sure.God give me the will power.Eveything else is going good. Stay tuned....
February 2005

Woo Hoooooooo today Feb 9th,2005 i am down a total of 65 pounds! I am so happy.
March 2005

Today is March 6th,2005 I have lost another 5 pounds, that makes a total of 70 pounds gone since my surgery Oct 12th 2004,or a total loss of 110 pounds as 2 month prior to my surgery date I lossed 40 pounds on my own. Woo hoooo!! I am satisfied with everything.

March9th,2005 went to nutrition class today 3 more pounds gone! -73 total, awesome or what! My nutritionist is very happy with me.

Today is April 14th,2005 had my regular office visit with Dr.O, He is so pleased with me and my results, iron was a little low, 2 days ago was my 6TH Month weight surgery Anniversary, - 78.4 pounds since my surgery oct12,2004,and - 40 more pounds 2 months prior to surgery.I am happy I had the surgery,and I thank God everyday for another chance in life. Love to all
May 2005

Today is Thursday May 26,2005 woo hoooo 7 and a half months out drum roll please lol... i have lost 90 pounds since my surgery,and 40 pounds 2 months before my surgery. 130 pounds gone hit the road jack and don't come back no more no more lol. 23 more pounds till goal.What a feeling....just like from "Flashdance"
Today is Tues.May 31,2005..a kind of sad day for me because 14 years ago my Mother passed away at the young age of 57.I love and miss you Mom. 

June 2005

Wow...June 1st already..where does the time go? Went to my nutrition class this morning and still -40 pounds pre-op..- 90 pounds since surgery Oct 12th,2004.Woo hooo watch out summer here I come.Here are some updated photos 8 months after surgery.Well today is June 22nd,drumroll please minus 100 pounds since my surgery Oct 12, 2004..13 pounds till goal :)

July 2005

Went to Dr. today July14th for 9th month check up,all blood tests came out great,iron b12,cholestrol etc.Dr.very pleased with my weight loss.

Today is July 15th,my 44th Birthday (yikes) but thanks to God,and this surgery I don't feel like it :)

Oct 12th 2005 today is my 1st weightloss surgery anniversary.Where does the time go?This journey has been a blessing for me,no complications whats so ever.I was suppose to see Dr.O for my 1 year post-op visit but he is on vacation for 2 weeks,will update when i see him on Oct 27th.
Today is Oct 27th, saw Dr.O and boy was he so happy.I lost 110 pounds since my surgery date Oct. 12th,2004,and 40 pounds prior to surgery for a grand total loss of 150 pounds.My blood labs came out great total cholesterol is 127 woo hoooo.

Here it is almost Christmas, I am down 153 pounds total.-112 pounds since my surgery Oct.12,2004,what a nice Christmas gift.Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year 2006.


April12,2006 18 months out,feeling great.Down a total of 160 pounds.pre-op 300 pounds,day of surgery 260 pounds,and today i weigh 140 pounds.

Well,I started losing weight again I am now 1 year and 9 months post-op,and weigh 138 pounds.People are telling me not to lose any more weight.Easier said then done, it's been very stressful the last 2 months for me.God please lift the burdens from me.I have not been eating food just turns me off.July 15th i turned 45 years old! Yikes!!

I can't believe today October12th,2006 is my 2 year Surgiversary.What a great gift from God and my Dr.I have lost 150 pounds.I saw Dr.O yesterday for my yearly check up,he was extremely pleased with my weight loss.My blood work came back perfect. I don't have to see Dr. O till next October.Life is great !! Gained some weight  from medication i was taking,now i am off it,hopefully the 15 pounds i gained from it will come off.

                                                                                October 2009
where does the time go? it was 5 years ago i had my bypass surgery, and i haven't updated my profile in a long time, i lost my granddaughter back in august 2008, she was born in sept 2007 weighing 1 pound 1 ounce, 3 and a half months early, her mother had toxemia, so they took the baby early, synthea put up a strong fight, but God had other plans for her.i stayed away from my profile as i was greiving.
                      well i lost a total of 150 pounds as of today i weigh in at 150 pounds i have maintained my weight for 5 years now
. i work out at Curves 3-5 times a week, i just love it. i will get my yearly blood results tomorrow oct 14th, 2009 will update results..that's it for now.



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