The phone rang and...

Jun 01, 2010

Well it was Dr. Spencer's office, but not calling for the reason I wanted.  Apparently my bloodwork came back with having above the average h.pylori bacteria in it.  I am not surprised or upset by this because I knew right away about this bacteria.  I was diagnosed with ulcers about 5 years ago and read everything I could about them.  When I started researching this procedure I knew there was a chance that could be identified in my blood.  No big deal.  I have to be on 2 antibiotics and a perscription strength form of prevacid for 2 weeks.  Hopefully, it won't cause any "other" infections.  I've never gotten one of those "other" infections from an antibiotic before so I hope this won't cause one either.  Anway, off to the drug-store to get my medicine.  Kind of funny in a way because I have made it now 2 whole months in a row without having a sinus infection, but I still am having to take antibiotics.  


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