Four Years Post-Op

Jul 07, 2008



It is hard to remember life pre-op now. And the struggles of my surgery have started to blur as well. Four years is a long time to keep a "fresh" perspective on things. It is easy to forget where you come from and the hardships of the past.

Today finds me not as fit as last year, but still healthier than the man of old. My recent blood work has come back fine. My cholesterol remains low, but higher than before (112 total). No abnormal vitamin or mineral counts. The thyroid still is the problem area. Otherwise, everything looks pretty good. So much so that I will stop having blood work done yearly and go a bit longer between tests (to make the insurance company happy).

Mentally it has been a tough year. Dealing with weight gain has been difficult. Trying to find my "groove" again just hasn't happened. I think I am going to get a personal trainer to get me on track. I do have a desire to get in shape and get that skin removal done this coming year.

Emotionally I find myself still holding on to the boy of the past...still overly self conscious and over critical.  I think working on the self image will be a priority for me this year (which means getting to the gym damnit!!!)

Here are my latest stats four years post-op...

Weight: 177.5
Fat %: 20.5%
Water %: 61%


Well, I started thinking about plastic surgery again recently. I need to get this hernia fixed and get rid of all of this skin. I checked with my HR department about using my 401k. Basically if I want to take a medical hardship withdrawal, then I will need to do it before my loan is paid off (which is in March). Otherwise they require you to take out a loan first before you can make a withdrawal. But you can only have one loan at a time, so that means I need to at least pay for surgery prior to my payoff date. So....the search for a plastic surgeon begins....

Here are my latest stats...

Weight: 175.5
Fat %: 20.5%
Water %: 60%


My step father passed away last night.  He was 77 years old.  He had been struggling with COPD and a failing heart and the Lord decided it was time for him.  I think everyone is glad he is at peace, although I am a bit surprised by the timing.  He seemed like was getting better near the end.  I know he had found peace before he went.  We had a lot of long talks and I know he was right with God.  What else can one ask for?  He died quietly in his sleep and is spending eternity with Jesus.


My hernia is getting to be more and more of a problem.  I continue to have more intense stomach pains because of it.  I need someone to plant a money tree in my yard so I can get something done about this thing.  Errrr


I have reached a financial milestone today.  My DS surgery is finally really mine!!!  I made the last payment on my loan today.  Five long years and my new life is really mine.  What to do with all of the extra money....hmmm (can someone say plastics???)

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