Larry Hobson

"I spent hours chosing Dr. Titus Duncan as my surgeon, but Dr. Larry Hobson actually performed my surgery. Peachtree Bariatrics works as a team, so if you want individualized care, this will not be the choice for you. Dr. Duncan was in charge of the seminar. Dr. Speights handled my consult. Dr. Johnson saw me at the pre-op. Dr. Norman and interns handled the hospital room visits. Joyce, from Peachtree Bariatrics, told me that there was a 50/50 chance that the surgeon would be Dr. Duncan, but she reassured me that Dr. Hobson was a very competent and CARING surgeon. At that point, I placed it in my Lord's hands. I am very pleased with my results and am thankful to Dr. Hobson and the whole team. I still don't know what Dr. Hobson looks like. I wish I had been able to meet him before the surgery. I personally found the "Duncan" team to be outstanding. My only complaints... the hurry up and wait (for hours) office visits and their paperwork processing system (took months). Their faxing machines are obviously not the best. You do have to be patient. All in all, I would choose Peachtree Bariatrics again and still highly recommend them!!! I met Dr. Hobson at my three month check up! Not only is he an extremely talented and gifted surgeon (IMHO), he is also a sweetie! He even gave me a hug! "

Atlanta Medical Center (COE)

"The nursing staff and PCAs were extremely responsive and very kind. Carol, Maalon, Susan, Carolyn, and Bernard were the best!!! I was also impressed that wonderful Sharon, the Nursing Manager, came and checked on my care each day! Wow! P.S. The city skyline view was incredible from my room. "
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