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"Dr. Lord is great! On my first appt. with him he asked a bunch of questions and was very sincere. He treats you like your someone. His staff is the same, they hold your hand all the way through the process. They help you out in any possible way they can. They are very knowlegable about what is going on and what will happen to you. I waited a long time to have this surgery, for the simple reason there was not a Dr. in this area that I would trust. I began to do a lot of research and learned that Dr. Lord came to Pensacola. It was the best decision I made to have the surgery. I debated between the Lap Band and Gastric Bypass. After talking to him and doing more research I decided Gastric Bypass is the best for me. Traci the nutritionist was very helpful. She knows her stuff. She lets you know just how to eat after surgery and listen to what she says, Because it is all very true. The Dr. and his staff let me know what risks were involved, But like I said before I trusted Dr. Lord and was ready for the life change i am going to see. Dr. Lord I believe is the most knowledgable you will find in this type of surgery. When I was in the hospital he would come see you every morning and night he would ask questions and actually listen to your answers and if you would ask questions his answers were very sincere. Before he left the room every time he always said keep drinking your fluids make sure you get them all in. So ovrall I would say this is the best place you can come to get prepared for your surgery you will know evrything there is to learn for you to take of yourself afterwards."
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