21 Days to a new Habit..... April 2017... It works

Apr 06, 2017

Happy April 2017..WOW. 

Well I have been doing for over a year now 21 days to a new Habit and it works.  My habit that I have revised and have completed so many times I can't count is exercise. Whenever I derail myself I go back to the 21 days to a "new" habit.  Since I do it more than once is not really a "new" habit  but continuing habit can be said. 

I started this in August of 2015 after my sister and I went on a trip to New Orleans (luv it! We go back almost every year).  I started my first 21 days of going to the gym. My next 21 days was water, water and only water to drink. I have had others but these are the two I continue over an over.  

Maybe this is for only people who are slightly OCD.... which I would not have considered myself as one but........

Trying to get fine by July!

Like my friend Maxine says "It's impossible to scare a woman who's been to the OB/GYN as many times as I have!"




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