Count Down! Another goal reached May 2017

May 10, 2017


Yes! I will have completed my 3rd maybe 4th of "21 Days to a New Habit" tomorrow. This was a hard 21 days challenge for myself. First usually give myself no time limit to complete because it does not have to be consecutive days. This challenge found me completing it in 5 weeks which was very gruelling because 7 days x 5 weeks is 35 days and to fit the 21 days in there left very little room for back sliding. I feel good. Clothing fitting better. Not sure I really lost weight but.....oh well. Closing in on my 12 year of this journey and I am determine to remember every day until August 5th of why I had this surgery. I want to do everything I can to keep my tool working for me. I don't feel my pouch anymore but I know it is there. I plan to do something really special for myself when I reach my goal but it will not include any food.

My only regret about this time and last time and time before, is I haven't found a partner in crime that wants to share or be accountable. Many people start but few finish. The finsh line has been lonely. My daughter recently start a diet and exercise programs and she has done so well down 30+ pounds. I have been her encouragement because I know exactly how she feels ( She was 360+ now at 327-28).

Well as my friend Maxine says "Everything slows day with age, except for the time it take cake & ice cream to reach your hips!"



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