Richard Thirlby

"Dr. Thirlby is the man! I knew it from the very moment I met him at the WLS Seminar. For anyone who is considering using Dr. Thirlby, do a google search on his name and you will find all of his phenominal credentials. I'm completely serious, he has been doing this type of surgery for over 20years. Through my research I've found that people come from states away just to have him as their surgeon. Beyond his surgical competency, he is a very kind and caring man. He takes the time to cover all aspects of this surgery as well as any concerns or questions you may have. It's not just Dr. Thirlby that is this way, its his office. It must be written-in in his Code of Ethics somewhere:) because all of his staff is like this. Dr. Buyers (his head resident) is super caring and competent too. Dr. Thirlby's office is top notch in every way possible. On a scale from 1-10, I'd give him, the office and his staff a 9.99 because no one is perfect;) "

Virginia Mason

"Excellent in many ways. I am very impressed with Virginia Mason's Professional Credentials, however, they are VERY understaffed. All workers are cordial, caring and knowledgeable in their fields. This is a top notch organization, they just need more bodies."
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