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Jun 03, 2010

Hey BAF fam and friends...yeah I know its been a while but hey...better late than never.  Well where do I start...ok...why not here...for the newbies welcome to BAF and I wish you much success on your journey.  Please know its not the cure to weight loss...this is a tool and a DAILY just when you get "comfortable"...kick it up a notch in exercising and always watch what you eat because take it from an old-timer...the weight does reappear.  With that said...I want you to always remember...this is a TOOL to assist you in loosing weight...its not the messiah to weight loss.

To my y'all doing?  I really do miss you all but y'all know that other sight has my attention right now (ha-ha) as it does most of you, but its all good we know where it all started for us on becoming friends and I'm glad to be fortunate enough to keep in touch with quite a few of you.  I want to wish you continued success on your journey and know that together in this struggle we can and will continue doing it.

Ok...let's see...I've been around the mill and back, but I'm back with a vengeance and more determined than ever to keep my feet to the pavement and get my workout on.  Yes...I am working with a wonderful trainer who keeps me motivated and whips my tail every class and that's what I shout out to Joseph at because he truly is the best and care about each clients success on reaching their goals!  Since I started working out with him I've lost more than 20 pounds and quite a few inches and...have enjoyed getting back into my old clothes....woo hoo...yeah baby I'm doing it!!!!!!

This year will make 6 years (Nov. 11) since I had WLS and I swear it seems like yesterday.  I still remember going under the knife and waking up realizing that my life will change and it did and has....and its all been for the better.

My family has been through a few mini-struggles but I trust God enough to know that he's a healer and a comforter and will work everything out so I've since turned it over to him to deal with because it was just too much for me.

James and I are still going strong...I love this man with my whole heart and he feels the same way about me and continues to tell me, show me, and express it...yeah it feels good to be loved for who you are even on the bad days (ha-ha).  Thanks boo for loving me unconditionally because I already know I can be a beotch on wheels...but hey I did warn you from day one.

Well...that's all I have right now...I'm good...feeling good...and looking good...but then again I always have looked good...even when I was rocking my size 24/26...I sure was!!!!

I will stop by again soon...but wish each of you the best and continued success on your journey.

Much luv 2 u...Cassie...aka...Ms. Praise "that Diva"


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