Hello, my name is Melissa Taylor. I had Lap Rny on 1/15/04.  I weighed 277 morning of surgery.  And by December of 2004 I was down to 136 which is where I hover now within a 5 to 10 pound range depending on the day.  So, all in all, I am maintaining very well.  In conjunction with my rny I also got therapy to fix my brain so to speak.  I have obsessive compulsive binge eating disorder and gastric bypass along with therapy helps me lead a pretty normal life whatever that is. 

 I have had no complications from my surgery and would do it all over again tomorrow. I follow the rules and I take my vitamins daily.  I also keep in touch with my therapist so that my eating disorder doesn't ever get back in control.

August 2, 2007

Well, when the formats changed on the profiles, I lost my information so I know my profile isn't very detailed.    But as far as things go, I am doing well still.  I fluctuate up and down within a 5 to 10 pound range depending on what time of the month it is and what my stress level is.  LOL.  I still go to therapy because the eating disorder never truly completely goes away.  I just manage it with good food choices, exercise and regular therapy sessions to help keep everything in focus.  I have had plastic surgery since losing the weight.  All the details about that were in my old profile.  But, what I had done was a breast lift, breast augmentation, and a tummy tuck at the same time back in January 2006.  I did really well recovering but have not been pleased with the overall results.  There are other things that I would like to have done but I am trying to love myself as I am right now and realize that I don't have to be perfect.  My husband and family loves me just the way I am.  My husband is my biggest fan.  We have been married almost 16 years.  Our anniversary is next month on Sept 21st.  Hubby has a trip planned to the Mississippi coast.  We will be staying at the Hard Rock Casino and Resort, but that is all I know.  He loves surprising me and planning things.  He does a good job too so I know we will have fun.  

I have always exercised  very faithfully since my Rny, but this past year me and two colleagues have shared a trainer and been each other's cheerleaders.  I have really seen results too.  I have really toned up.  It is amazing what a trainer can do.  They just change up how you do a few things, adjust the weights and give you a schedule and boy the results come.  So, anyone struggling with exercise and not feeling like they are getting results, you should really consider letting a professional put you on a program.  I have seen more results this past year with a trainer and workout buddies than I did the first three years exercising all on my own.

Well, anyway, just wanted to do a little update.  Hope everyone is doing well.  Good luck on your own journeys.


November 16, 2008

OMG!  I can hardly believe that in January it will have been 5 years since my Rny.  I went ahead and had my five year bloodwork done in October since I was at the docs office anyway.  My bloodwork has always been great, but this time everything was great except the iron.  The hemoglobin and hematocrit were low normal, but the ferritin was really low at a 6.  That is not good, but at least the others are in the normal range which will make it easier to get it back up.  So, I have started taking the tender iron from Vitalady and will get rechecked in a few months.  I don't feel sick when I take it like with other irons, but the constipation is horrible so i have got to see what I can do with that.  Anyway, still maintaining my loss and feel great.  I still exercise 4 to 5 days per week and really love step aerobics and the new turbokick classes they have started at our YMCA.  Well, just wanted to do a little update.  I really need to update my picture as my hair is shorter and a little darker. 

October 31, 2011

Wow!  January 2012 will be 8 years since I had RNY Gastric bypass surgery.  I cannot believe it has already been that long.  I haven't updated in a while.  I am proud to say I am still maintaining my weight loss.  My lowest weight was 136.  I reached that by 11 months out.  I hover between 138 and 143 depending on the time of the month if you know what I mean.  When I get close to 143 I start reigning myself in.  Luckily I haven't had any complications from my surgery.  I did have some regain a couple of years ago.  My dad was in a bad accident and had to relearn to walk, talk, and everything else.  It was a long, stressful road, and I let some bad habits creep back into my life.  Thanks to the years I spent in therapy and an excellent support system, I was able to recognize what was going on, and get back into gear.  It took longer to get it back off than it did to put it on, so I try really hard not to put it on.   I got up to 154 and was able to get back down to 138 which is where I stay except during PMS.  PMS seems to be worse here lately.  I think my hormones are all out of whack.  I am going to my doctor in December and get all of that  checked out.  I fear all of the extra symptoms and extra long periods are perimenopause knocking.  Oh, well.  I will deal with it.  LOL.  I did finally get around to putting a newer picture up.  I had always been blonde.  I let it go dark, and it is now short, even shorter than in the new picture I put up.  I love it.  So easy and quick to fix now. 

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