Shelby Baptist Medical Center

"I would not wish this hospital on my worst enemy. They have some true angels for nurses, but then they have some horrific ones too. I ended up having to return to the hospital with pneumonia and dehydration, which I directly attribute to the lack of care I received the first time. My friends had to contact the patient advocates, who were very understanding, but apparently ineffective. The staff needs sensitivity training for the needs of overweight patients and some of the staff should be fired. But again, they do have some true angels working there. It's a shame they don't have more of the good ones there. I hope I never have to return there, but I have no regrets about having the surgery."

Richard Stahl

"I have only had the one consultation with Dr. Stahl, but he seems very competent and trustworthy. I will write more when I've had more contact with him. But so far, so good."
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