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May 12, 2010

6/4/05 Surgery was a breeze...LOL. Went to sleep (7:30 AM) and then woke up. First day sore but that was to be expected. Mostly slept but did get up and walk a bit. 2nd day much better. Stopped asking for pain meds about 9 in the morning (and haven't needed any since). Walked a lot, started my liquid diet. Had a sponge bath and mostly walked and watched tv. The only real pain I had was acually in my back but that was fron the air placed in my abdominal cavity. It will eventually pass away. 3rd day took a shower. Doc came in around 9AM we talked and he basically said "time to go home". Left the hospital about 1:30 PM on Friday. Basically started my liquid diet and walking routene. Slept in the overstuffed chair (it was comfy). Saturday!!! Much sronger today. Went and walked around the town square today (Denton Dog Days) had a great time. The more I walk the stonger I feel. Tomorrow have to go with my loving wife to Walley World (Wal-Mart). Well it's 4 PM here in Texas time for some more water...more later.

6/9/05 Started my soft foods routine today and protein drinks. Had a PD for breakfast and fixed tuna and mixed in a little pickel juice. So far the only thing I haven't tolerated well has been scrambled eggs so I will hold off on them for a while. Sleeping preety good at night now can lie on my sides with no issues. Love the walking part and I am feeling my energy levels rise already. Have not stepped on the ole scale yet waiting till I go back to the Doc on the 16th to see where I am. Have been eating but have not felt that "full" sensation but I am measuring what I eat so maybe I just have't filled my poch yet. Love water can't get enough of it and the colder the better. I have approved leave till 7/11/05 and I am already starting to go "house crazy"! Monday I am going to start walking down to the pool and "walk" in the water and push my self a bit.


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