Personal Trainer?!?!?!?!

Jun 25, 2008

I know it has been a little while since my last post, but I have been really busy with things.  One being working towards becoming a Personal Trainer.  I did it.  I cannot belive that over 2 years ago, this would have been a flashing thought.  But, not anymore. what?  I'm not sure.  I have a few people who would like me to work with them.  But, I am working on a nutrition course right now, so my time is really limited these days.

Plus...I added the P90X to my fitness routine.  Along with a cardio workout durig lunchtime.  WHEW!  Where do i get the energy to do all of these things???  I have NO idea.  It just comes.  I think it's mental.  Knowing what the alternative is........

Riding my motorcycle also keeps me busy.  I LOVE the feeling of riding.  It's very empowering.  This weekend I am doing a group ride with the local Harley chapter.  I'm really looking forward to it.

I've also left the agency I was working for.  I was there for almost 3 years, but the commute was getting really bad.  1 1/2 hours to get home some days.  It was just too much.  So, now I am working for the Navy and have a 15 minutes commute.  MUCH better!

Life for me, while busy right now, is starting to settle down.  Patrick is graduated, John is getting ready to leave...things will feel normal here soon.  I cannot wait.

Still having a problem not eating enough.  Especially now that I have added more cardio workouts.  SOmething that I really need to work on.  Is it mental or physical?  I really do not know and cannot answer that.  I'm sure that it is a combination of both.  But, I can only take each day at a time and try to get through it.

Until another day!


May 26, 2008 has been a while since my last post and alot has happened.  Ok...not really, but a lot of "I DID IT!" has happened.

Let's see....since my last post, I have run in 2....yes TWO...10K's.  The UKROPS 10K on April 5th and the Chesapeake Bay 10K on April 26th.  Both weren't bad runs.  The UKROPS was pouring raining and I managed to do it in 63 minutes.  The Chesapeake Bay had a crappy road, I was hurt and still managed to compelte it in a bit over 65 minutes.  So, I was happy.

I bought a motorcycle and have learned to ride it.  In fact, i even rode it to work today ( on the Interstate, 20 miles).  It was SUCH a great feeling!  So freeing!  Yesterday, i got my first motorcycle wave (from another motorcyclist) and it was such a cool feeling.  Like being part of a club or something - hehe.

Yesterday, I ran 7 miles.  I had to stop to go potty, but picked right back up and went on without issue.  YEAH!!!!!  1/2 Marathon....HERE I COME!!!

In pole dancing class, I have learned how to flip upside down ont he pole.  That's is SUCH a cool feeling, too.  A feeling of accomplishment.  To know that my body is strong enough to actually do it - it's GREAT!

My confidence has DEFINATELY increased.  I love the feelings I now get when I set out to do something and do it.  Feels like nothing I had ever felt before.

Now, the not so "WOW" moment.  i have gained 7 pounds and it is ticking me off.  I cannot get rid of it.  I know that 3 pounds is muscles, but what about the 4 pounds of water?  My percentage of body fat has decreased, which is a good thing, but what the heck happened????  It scares me to think that it could be bounce back weight.  It happened when I increased my physical activity.  The nutritionist says that I am not eating enough.  I can't eat more.......  Guess, I will just have to figure this out........

Shamrock 8K Update

Mar 16, 2008

What a busy weekend!  I'm finally able to update my profile....

This past Saturday, I ran in the Shamrock 8K, this was the longest distance I had run in a race situation  I had decided last year that I wanted to run in it and kinda/sorta trained to do just that.  My goal initially was to finish, but as I got closer, I wanted to finish it in 50 minutes.  That was a little aggressive, but...we shall see.....

It was a very breezy and chilly morning at the beach.  However...ther was NO rain in site, which made for a good run day.  It was a little cool when we started out, but quickly warmed up (or was that me???).  I was there with my sister, Bryana, and a friend Joe (from the OH board), so I knew that I was in good company.

My sister got about 1.5 miles out and started walking...shooing me ahead.  Joe, too, walked a portion of the race, but  I ran the whole thing without problem.

I stayed at a consistent pace, which I was happy about, and here are my results....

Overall Rank: 2631  out of 4920
Chip Time: 52:46.80 
Race Pace: 10:38   
Gun Time: 56:01.60  
Age Ranking: 142 out of 311  
Gender Ranking: 1201 out of 2866 

Pics are posted in my profile album.

From the race, I went to Jackie's house (another board member) to do glamour shots.  It was SO much fun hanging out with people from the board and being all dolled up.  Everyone looked SO beautiful.  I cannot wait until the pics are available for us to see.....

But, it was GREAT to be able to do something girlie with a bunch of other girls.  we all laughed and just had a GREAT time!

So, after Saturday's events, I needed a relaxing Sunday was a nothing day.  I read a book, cooked dinner and that was about it......

What a weekend!

Own Your Words...........

Mar 10, 2008

Ok...stars must be out of alignment, because my normal positive self is just not feeling it today (ok...past couple of days, but I've bitten my tongue almost off).

I am getting SO tired of people who feel that they can talk about people but run when confronted.  OWN YOUR WORDS!

If you are tired of someone, someplace, a situation...say so to the people who have created this feeling.  Don't go to someone else and tell them...they can't help you!  Now can they?  Maybe you misunderstood...maybe that person did not properly articulate what they meant....maybe you are just burnt, tired or can be a mirad of issues.  But, to talk smack to someone who cannot resolve your problem is just cowardly.

If you have a problem with someone...say something to THAT person.  Give them the opportunity to apologize if that is what is needed.  Don't go to someone else and whine...THAT person cannot help you - unless your goal is to simply spread idle gossip and spew hatred.

OWN YOUR WORDS............Don't hide behind them........

[ok....kicking my soapbox to the side]

Putting It Into Perspective

Mar 03, 2008

Ok...Before you start reading this, I am just trying to make sense out of all of this, so please bare with me.  I'm not whining, or bragging or anything like that.  Just trying to share some knowledge is all.

As some of you know, my weight has gone up 8 pounds over the past 7 weeks.  NO ONE can tell me why when I work out and stay fairly consistent with my eating.  I had started increasing carbs to prepare for longer distance runs, started dance class and increased distance all about the same time, so it was difficult to pin point the exact problem.

All of the trainers I had talked with said it was water weight due to the constant muscle damage/repair process that was taking place every time I worked out or danced.  Some suspected that I was increasing muscle.  Maybe even a potassium problem since it was rapid and my rings and shoes are tight.

The nutritionist thought it was because of not eating enough to fuel the heavy worksouts and dance.


So...I went to see the nutritionist today, and this is what we discovered:

1.  She reviewed my eating and physical activity and we found that I burn almost twice as many calories a day as I take in.  WOW!
2.  I intake 100+ ounces of water a day.  This was fine.
3.  She did a comprehensive weight and found out that my weight HAS INCREASED:
          Water - Increased 4 pounds
          Fat - Increased 1 pound
          Muscle - Increased 3 (yes...THREE) pounds

So...let's put this in perspective....I have gained weight...yes.  I have gained THREE POUNDS of muscle.  We are working to figure out why I gained the water and fat, but she suspects that they go hand in hand.  In trying to increase my carb intake, I have increased my fats (90% were good fats, by her own words) by eating nuts and things like peanut butter (yes...I admit...I over did it with the peanut butter). do you increase your eating when there is no room to eat?  THAT'S what we are trying to work through now.  She has given me some real good ideas to try, such as going back to a regular yogurt with more carbs and less protein, since I take in alot of protein, or reducing my meat at dinner from 3.5 ounces to 2 ounces and adding 2 tablespoons of sweet potato or rice along with veggies, use soy milk instead of Mice Milk in my protein shakes (which is fine since Mice milk is going away), using 1/2 of a banana instead of 1/3 of a banana in my shake, etc.

But...the bottom line is this...put in all into perspective.  She asked me if I would have been equally upset to gain just 3 pounds of muscle and nothing else?  Uumm....tough one to answer, isn't it??? HA!

I guess this is all just too weird, as I never expected this to happen, but as much as it freaks me out, I'm glad becasue it means that I'm not gaining because of being unhealthy, but because of trying to be overly healthy - haha.  Who knew!

Where Does The Time Go????

Jan 13, 2008

WOW!  It's been almost 9 weeks since my plastic surgery and I feel and look GREAT!  I never imagined that shedding the excess skin would be so freeing.  Each day, I feel more and more like the person I was meant to be.  I'm energized to go out and do the things that i always wanted to do, but was afraid to for fear of how I would be viewed - you know...the fat chick doing pole dancing. have the confidence to do it.  I start classes this week - YEAH!!!!

Having the plastic surgery has been a real confidence booster in many ways.  I'm not so self conscience (which hubby is enjoying) about my appearance.  Does that mean that I don't hide?  I still do, just not to the extent that I did before.  Each day, I become more willing to put myself out there.  My adjustment issues are really going away.  I suspect that it's because of this confidence that I am getting each day.

So...what's in store now?  Not sure....I have so many options available to me, I just need to figure out which way I want to go.  But, I do know that for's STILL all about me - haha!

6 Weeks and Still Going Strong...........

Dec 14, 2007

Ok...saw Dr. K....or should I say...I scared the hell out of Dr. K - haha

I swear - he must look at his schedule, see my name and think...Damn...I need a drink - haha!

I get there and Marie goes to hand me a paper gown and I make a face, so she asks me if I want to put it on.  No, cause it means that I have to get undressed...UGH!  So, she tells me to just pull down my pants for him to see.  No problem...that's what I usually do.

But, as she is walking out, I ask her if he will want to look at my breasts so she comes back in to hand me that paper gown again...UGH!  So, she says for me to just pull up my shirt and she is motioning for me to unhook my bra.  So, I laugh and about I just flash him.  She starts laughing, says oh you are so funny, etc. and walks out.  About 2 minutes later, he knocks  on the door and as he is walking in, he says...I hear you are going to flash me?  And we begin to laugh again......

So, he does his exam and notices that the scar down my tummy is really starting to fade quite a bit.  Seriously, I have a few spots that are really light already.  A spot on my lower scar that isn't closing up had a stitch in it - that's why it wasn't healing up.  So he removed the stitch, so it should be fine, now.

So, I ask him if he has some time for some questions and he is like., all means.  So...I pull out a list from my pocket and begin.  One of my questions was regarding my scar.  Will it continue to look better or is this it.  HAHA - he tells me that it will continue to look better - that where I'm at right now will actually be the worse.  Then....he goes into this 3 minute speal about why scars are they way they are and the process of healing, etc.  I know that by the end, I was looking at him like a dog watching tv.  I was thinking....I just wanted to know if it was going to get better - haha.

I asked about my physical activity.  I told him that I had already started on the ellipticle and walk/running - when could I start ab work and weights.  Well, I guess he waits until we are 8 weeks out...BUT....he said that I could start now - YEAH!!!!!!!  So...guess what I'm doing this morning - hehe......'s ok for me to go skiing next month...yes as long as you don't break anything.  ( if I break something it will be HIS fault for jinxing me - haha).

We did talk about adjustment issue.  I was hoping to be able to get some insight as to how his other patients have dealt with it.  I think he was a bit surprised that it was an issue for me, because I know that I go in with such a big personality and all.  Plus, we have joked about how cute  I KNOW that I am - haha.  But, he said that it will be an adjustment and that many women have been dealing with it for years and it will be fine.  After talking to him about it and driving home for 3 hours, he's right.  When I was a teenager and even in my 20' s, I was hit on alot, but I always knew what the intentions were.  I was single and it was usually to get into my panties.  But...I think the reason it really creeps me out is because I'm older, married and some have just gone on and on...making it creepy.  HAHA - I told him that the hard part was just being overwhelmed by the whole thing.  I mean, come on....I'm still the same cranky bitch that I was before the surgery - he laughed over that.'s true.

We talked briefly about my thigh lift and implants.  I asked him if he would be putting in drains and he most defiantely will be.  He said that they will be in my thighs in the same place as the previous ones.  PERFECT!!!

We talked a little about preparing for plastic surgery.  I was telling him that in Dr. Oz's new book on diets, he talks about plastic surgery and that you need to prepare for it like you would a marathon.  Dr. K agreed that you would not just show up without having run.  But...people do this with plastic surgery and then do not understand why they aren't getting the results.  I told him it was just like witht he gastric bypass....people think that it will fix their problems and do not understand when it does not.

He asked me if I was going to be at the conference in January.  He is speaking during lunch and I guess doing some consults as well.  I asked him what he will be speaking about, and he doesn't know yet.  So I teased him - you don't know yet....oh great! haha

He is SUCH a good sport -haha.

I asked him about rhinoplasty (nose job).  He laughed and said that he has created a monster.  HAHA - Dad did that.  I told him that my Dad always teased me while growing up about my nose and that had ALWAYS been an issue for me.  In fact, my DAD should be the one to pay for it.  But...John thinks that it's fine.  So, I told Dr. K that I would have to wait until John deployed to do it - haha.  So...when Dr. K sees me for it, then he will know that John has deployed.  he laughed......

So....I go back to see him in Feb.  I told Dr. K that hopefully I will have my motorcycle by then.  He asked if it was on my Christmas list, and while it is at the top, I do not expect one until Feb or so.  He asked if I was getting a Harley, and I told him of course - a Harley Dyna Glide Low Rider, cause it's a bad ass bike - haha.  He just laughed.

That poor guy......I know that I must exhaust him because all of this occurred in 30 minutes - haha.

BUT....I'm doing great....feel great and am ready to just tear things up - haha! I did a 1 mile walk (warm up and cool down) ran 2.5 miles and 3 sets (12 reps each w/ 5 pound weights) bicep curls, tricep kick backs, military presses w/ squats and upright rows.  I FEEL GREAT!!!

A Little Overwhelmed

Nov 27, 2007

Ok...I'm now venturing out of the house more and more, and have even gone back to work. But am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the attention.  I mean, my friends and co-workers were absolutely wonderful and what a great welcome back. was a little much.  Everyone kept telling me how wonderful I looked and how tiny I looked, etc.  I even wore my new size 4's so I did look tiny.  But...after a while, it was a bit much.

And I've been hit at at the store - at first it was  But, then I freaked out.  I'm just not use to this attention is all, and it is making me rethink my position on the implants.  

I'm just not use to it, and need to make the adjustment is all.  But, while the attention is's weird.

I know...I know...what am I complaining about.  I'm a skinny size 4 bitch - hahaha.  One of those people I use to hate.

Black Friday Wasn't Black For Me!!!!!!

Nov 23, 2007

Ok....I was one of those who hit the crowds on Black Friday in search for some good bargains.  Well.....I found some deals that I was not expecting.

I started the morning at 345 - headed for the Navy Exchange.  They had Dooney & Bourke handbags for 20% off and one was calling my name.  They also had 25% off on all shoes and I found a pair of Harley Davidson riding boots for John that were regular $120, on sale there for $60.  Plus, I wanted to get the John and the kids NFL jerseys of their favorite teams.

The store opened at 500, and I was outta there by 530.  Lines were NOT long at all and I got everything I wanted - including a Dooney wallet, too.

Then...I was off to Kohls.  I wanted a memory foam mattress pad, a memory foam pillow for John and a couple of other things.  I get there about 600 and had a heck of a time finding what I wanted.  But...I found it and a few more items (a new crockpot, heated blanket, washcloths, reed diffusers).  Stood in line about 20 minutes and was off again.

Sears for a heavyweight bag - I really like using it with the personal trainer, so now I have my own - YEAH!!!!!

It's 715 and now I'm off to Target for some jeans........Got 2 pair of jeans and a shirt for me.  I bought a size 6, because that was my pre-plastics size and with being a bit swollen they will fit fine.

By 820, I was in IHOP enjoying breakfast with my guys.  And planning my next move.  John and Patrick want to shop without me, and I want to shop without them.  So, they are going to take me home so I can go to the Mall.

I get home and call the local Harley Davidson shop to see what sales they have going on and find out that everything is 15% off for the day and all clearance items are 75% off until 1000.  It's 900, so I'll run over there and then go from there.

So...I get to the Harley shop about 920 and head over to the clearance rack - let's see if I can find soemthing interesting.  YES!!!!  I found a leather motorcycle jacket, reg 420, marked down and then 75% off - SCORE!!  John would be SHOCKED to find this under the tree.  Oh...and there is one for me, too.  It's a size large and I would prefer a medium.  But....heck.....I'll take it and have it taken in.  For $93.00 a piece, they are GREAT bargains!  Also found some t-shirts for John, head wraps and a pair of gloves.  He will be happy!  And he is officially finished - YEAH!!!!!

Back home by 1100.

Took a shower, got cleaned up and tried on my new jeans and crap...they don't fit....They're too BIG!!!!  I need a size 4!!!!!!  OMG!!!!!!!!

So....back to Target I go for a size 4........................

And The Hits Just Keep On Coming...............

Nov 20, 2007

OMG!*OMG!*OMG!  That's all I can say right now................My goal weight was 135.  That was the magic number on the scale, and I was SO happy when I hit it many months ago.  Then, I spent the entire summer between 135 and 137.  Both very good, and respectable, number. I sit......20 days after plastic surgery at (are you ready???)  131.4.  YES!!!! 131.4...let me repeat this.....131.4!!!!!!

I am SO excited right now that I just do not know what to do or say!  I want to run into the street like a maniac screaming 131.4 - hahaha.

I'm doing well, now that I am drain free.  I've started my walking again - up to 40 minutes. And yesterday I used my 3 pound hand weights.  HA What a joke.  BUT....I used them and will use them until Dr. Krieger tells me that I can use higer.  I'm moving around alot more and alot better. 

Now...if I can just stay on track for the thighs and implants - it's hard, because I want to do them now.  BUT...I am not ready, and I know that I am not ready.  I have so much that I want to do and prepare for.  That it is best that I wait.

Until another day.............

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