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Mar 13, 2009

I have had SO MANY people contact me for info... so here goes...

Well, I was up to get bi-focals, so… new glasses cost me around $500 or so anyhow…

I went to Lasik MD on Mudd Street in Stoneycreek… just off the RHVP… turn left on Paramount and turn right just past the gas station to get into the strip mall area. 

The initial appt was nearly 3 hours – you get drops, several eye tests and then you meet with someone who goes over the price.  Of course, the price is NEVER the $299 per eye special… mine was $2780 (total) + another $60 for the eye drops needed for the week after surgery (no tax) – I get just $300 and the $60 back from my insurance plan here at work. 

Due to my high degree of astigmatism and nearsightedness, I only qualified for the pricier one – “Zypotix custom wavefront”, and included in that are any “enhancements” which MAY be needed for life… here is the catch -- I have 5 years “free” eye appointments/vision testing at Lasik MD, and then after that I pay the same as for my optometrist visits - currently $90 a visit… but if I continue going to Lasik for those check-ups that “lifetime warranty” holds true.  According to Dr Hakim, who had his eyes done over 15 years ago on not near as good technology, he has never needed any enhancements, and doubts that I ever will. 

Dr Hakim did the procedure February 27… I drove myself there for 7:45am, about an hour later they were ready for me (in the hour you go over a few things, a couple eye tests, pay them, go over the drops, take a sedative if wanted (they have))… sat outside the OR for about 10 minutes with a cute bonnet on my head… then called in… met the doc, he double checked my eyes, asked me if I had any questions, then you go lie on your back on the table – head in a little cut out… NO pain, it is a little bit uncomfortable - like a speck of dust in the eye is all, I admit I was freaked and needed a sedative prior to but that is only because it was my eyes. Actually, once the flap is made the procedure from then on is kinda cool. He did my right eye first, then my left... took about 20 minutes total. The worst part was removing the tape that holds your eyes open, and really that was nothing!! I stayed about 1.5 hours afterwards... they started me on the eye drop regimen during that time and they check you to be sure the flap is in proper positioning, I called Louis and he came and picked me up just before noon.  

You need to go back within 24 hours for a check – took all of 10 minutes, and I got the OK to drive then (Saturday morning), so I drove myself home (we had left my car there overnight no problem).  They want to see you at a week and a month out as well.  

It was really so simple - I should have done this way before now! The technology is nothing short of a miracle in my books... after 35 years of wearing glasses my every waking moment - this is just so amazing!!!!  I still am using artificial tears every 3-4 hours or so, but it is no biggie… just when it feels a tad gritty (like contact lenses) I pop a drop in… they say this should diminish over time. 

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