Wade Barker

"I feel like everyone else, Dr. Barker is VERY easy on the eyes! He is a nice looking man. He was straight and to the point. The first time I met him he sent me to another doctor to get me on Blood Pressure medication. I was not pleased with that at all! I was ready to get my surgery. The second time I went in, he was nice and easy to talk to. He complimented my laugh. *blush* I was set up for surgery that day and he told me that he would see me on Feb. 1, 2006. I came in with a cane and he wanted to make sure that I would be able to walk, because walking is vital to recovery. He also stressed that if I didn't take my BP pills I wouldn't be able to have surgery. You know I immediately got a refill for those darn pills so I could get my surgery done! He came in to see me after surgery a couple of times. He is a busy man!!! In and out. By the way....I was a transfer patient from Turning Point. I thank him for taking me in to his family and doing my surgery!"

Medical Center of Mesquite

"I am pleased with everything. However, I've heard from several people that they tried to contact me and they were on hold for about 8 or more minutes! Then someone would come to the line and say that I was asleep. I do not like that! However, my nurse Maria, was a doll! She was extremely nice to me and was there everytime I pushed that button. "
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