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I am new to the boards and had Lap Band Surgery in 2007.  After finally getting the right restriction 1 1/2 years post-op, I lost a total of 79 pounds.  In 2010, the stress that was coming from my job must have caused my stomach to react in a very bad way and I had to have half of the fluid removed from my band.  I spent over 12 hours vomiting all night, even tho nothing was left in my stomach to bring up.

With that episode and a few other personal things that cropped up, I spent the next 2 years just having given up on everything.  I was not living, just existing.  With almost NO restriction from the band, I could eat just about everything.  (Let me explain:  in 2010 I lost my job for the second time because of the economy so was on the unemployment rolls again.  I could not afford to have adjustments to my band to get more restriction).

I still do not eat pasta, bread or rice and do not drink soda pop.  But I had something sweet not long after that incident in 2010 and here I am.  I have gained all the weight back +20 lbs. and eat sweets all the time.  Sugar is my drug and I cannot seem to get away from it.

I have lost 20 lbs I had regained so am now at the same weight I was when I had the Lap Band put in.

For the past 2 years I have been getting my head back in the game of life but not losing weight yet.  Just trying to figure out how and what I am going to do what is needed.  So, I started researching revision and alternative surgeries since the band was not the experience I had wanted.  So many adjustments, add some, lose some, add some, etc..  I have been obese for some 30 years now and don't want it anymore.  I am hoping for the Vertical Sleeve but my surgeon appt isn't for a couple months yet.  Will have to see how that goes before I get into the insurance issue. I already know now that unless I buy another policy, it is going to be an problem.

What I do know now is that this has to happen.  I want my life!!  And I want it as the slender person I was meant to be!! More than that, I have severe neck and spine issues not caused by my weight but exacerbated by it for certain.  I am very close to living in a wheelchair if I take one more bad fall. The last 2 falls destroyed one rotator cuff and badly injured the other and has done even more damage to my spine.

So, this has to go thru!  And I cannot fail it this time around.  I am only 58 and not ready to be feeling like 90.


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