When will it begin?

Apr 28, 2014

Although my mind has been relieved to know that the timeframe I am looking at is pretty normal, I still am getting impatient to hear something, anything from my surgeons office about where things stand.  I might give them a call tomorrow just to check.  I would like to get going with the Nutritionist or Psychologist.  And would like to get this band out.  Just about anything would ease my mind a bit. 

But, until then I have decided to start journaling my food daily.  I give myself the rest of this week before that starts but have already begun turning away from a lot of "bad" foods.  My situation is not easy but many others have it too.  My adult son is back home with his dog, has been here for 1 year last month.  And now my mother lives with me.  I do all the shopping and the cooking so have started gathering recipies from Pinterest and will start getting some from Eggface too.

I just want to hear something.


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