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Aug 30, 2014

So, in July, I had that damned lap band removed!  I am so relieved not to have it in me anymore, have not vomited once since.  Oddly enough, my gerd/reflux is completely GONE.  The only time I have to take 1 Tums is if I have had too much coffee.  Isn't that interesting?

I lost 10 pounds in the liquid and full liquid diet which lasted 2 weeks and was not as difficult as I thought it would be.  today is the end o August so that surgery was about 5 weeks ago and all is well.  The only problems I had with that surgery is the itching because of the skin healing and the fact that I am allergic to the glue and bandage adhesives.  I have one incision that is having a hard time closing completely because it is in a location easily rubbed with the bath towel, on top of my tummy.  So, the scab keeps being removed.  But, it's getting there.

Now, I am preparing for the next surgery, the Sleeve!  YAY!!  I have seen the PA and the Dietician.  Next week, I do the sleep study for sleep apnea.  Hope I don't have that. My blood work came back and everything is good!  It's kind of fun to see the reactions on the nurses and doctors faces when they realize I really AM that healthy!

Getting back to the full liquid diet I have prescribed for myself with the docs blessing is difficult because I allowed myself 2 weeks of food funerals.  I don't mean where one goes all out and eats mounds of things they can'tt have post surgery.  I had the band for 7 years and although I was able to eat some things in the past 2 years I could not before, I still was not one to mound my plate up and gorge myself. I carefully picked some of the foods I have had to go without during the band years and a few of the things I am going to do without post Sleeve.  Like, some cheesecake.  I had a couple slices and that's it.  A BK Whopper, had it yesterday and am done with it.  A peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  YUMMY!  All done.  Now I am going full tilt for the next part of my life, that part that was left behind decades ago when I stopped caring, stopped watching, stopped realizing that I was slowly killing my life, myself.

I want the rest of my life, I want the fun, the rides, the walks, the swimming in a suit I will look great in.  I want the health.  I am in fairly good health now but I have osteo arthritis throughout my body that has put me on disability.  That will not go away with weight loss but it might not hurt so much.  I want the "me" my husband didn't see since we were first married.  now, he has passed and can't share with me.  I want the "me" my son didn't know because I was too fat to do things.  He was embarrassed after a while.  Most important, I want the "me" that can be anything I want to be now.


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