Samuel Wasser

"I was very pleased with my surgeon. His office staff, specifically Tina, was fabulous. Meeting her put me completly at ease about the entire surgery preparation, paperwork, etc. She has always been very helpful before and after the surgery.rnrnDr. Wasser seems to be a perfectionist...a quality I relate to and respect. Other people may be turned off by his perfectionism. He has, and continues to have, high expectations for his patients. His style can be seen as very businesslike.....but when I was most scared, uncertain, and a bit frightened (i.e. leaving the hospital)...he showed his caring demeanor as well. While others may find him too distant , I looked to him as efficient, demanding (in a good way), and professional.rnrnWhen you choose a surgeon, you want someone who refuses to do less than his best, and Dr. Wasser's surgical competence is just that, the best."

Rancocas Valley Hospital

"I was shocked during my stay. Like most hospitals, the ICU unit was staffed with caring, patient-centered nurses, nurses aides, etc. I expected to have less attention when I was moved to a regular room. What I did NOT expect was several nurses and nurses' aides ignoring my own and other patients' requests, endless beeping of nursing call buttons that were never responded too, patients actually screaming for help while the staff was sitting in the nurses station eating PIZZA at the same time, the head of the nursing staff on the 4th floor sleeping at the desk when I had to leave the room myself to get help for my roommate, etc. I could go on and on. I was appalled at the disorganization of the nursing staff, their lack of effort, and lack of professionalism. I was left by a nurses aide naked in the bathroom standing for 25 minutes or more. I needed help and never received it. I couldn't get my gown back on with all of the equipment, my pain, etc...she told me to hit the button and she'd be back. Mind you that she was one of the ones sitting having pizza in the middle of the floor. I was also given improper bariatric diet foods withs sugar...and was given milk which is not a clear liquid or a good idea to have as the first liquid after surgery. If you have to go there, heed my warnings and be prepared to check on the food you receive, voice your concerns, and be ready for anything."
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