Like many other people on this site, I have been battling weight problems for most of my life.  I didn't have a problem as a kid, but when I hit my teens, my troubles began.

I have struggled with depression and lived most of my life believing that people didn't like me. I'm not saying this to be dramatic - I truly believed this! I lived my life just trying to get it over with. I wished that I could just go to sleep and not wake up. Well, I kept right on waking up! At the age of 40, I attended a workshop that was focused on teaching how to better interact with others on the job through understanding of different personality types. I completed the Myers Brigg's analysis for the first time and was devestated to find out that I was so interverted that it was not surprising that I struggled with human interaction. I was most comfortable to work totally on my own and have no interaction. I didn't like this assessment. I wanted to be around people, I wanted people to like me, but I didn't think they did. I discovered at this workshop that people do like me and I had made up the whole story in my head. This was a such an interesting and emotional realization for me. From that day forward, I've tried to come to accept that people do like me and although there were times that I went to my automatic thinking that they didn't, I would questions myself! Now, this is not to say that I like ALL people and that ALL people like me. Only that ALL people don't dislike me! After this, also found out that I was suffering from sever depression. The combination of the realization and the help of meds, I've changed the whole direction of my life.

Getting to the weight issues and realizing that although I've worked really hard to loose weight several times since this realization, I still had a problem. I would loose and gain weight, but just couldn't keep it off. I finally accepted that I cannot keep the weight off on my own and that I need help - THE TOOL - WLS. Coming to that decision and realization has been both a frightening and enlightening experience. I can't help but wonder if I really can use the tool properly and not go back to my bad habits! For the time being, all I can do is focus on how far I've come in the last 12 years and haven't reverted back. I am at the point with my weight were I'm depressed again to the point of not wanting to live. I know this isn't right and I'm going to fight to overcome it and believe in myself that I CAN WIN THE BATTLE WITH THE HELP OF WLS!

Now starts the first day of the rest of my life - I just wish I could turn by the clock - I'm a little late making this change at 52 years.

I've gained so much in knowledge and support from all the people on this site.  I just hope that I can pass along anything that I've hearned and provide support and encouragement to others.

Starting Weight August 13, 2008 = 297
1 Month Post-Op September 13, 2008 = 271 (-26 lbs)
2 Months Post-Op October 13, 2008 = 254 (-43 lbs)
3 Months Post-Op November 13, 2008 = 243 (-54 lbs)
4 Months Post-op December 13, 2008 = 233 (-64 lbs)
5 Months Post-op January 13, 2009 = 223 (-74 lbs)
6 Months Post-op February 13, 2009 = 212 (-85 lbs)
7 Months Post-op March 13, 2009 = 204 (-93 lbs)
8 Months Post-op April 13, 2009 = 197 (-100)
9 Months Post-op May 13, 2009 = 189 (-108)
10 Months Post-op June 13, 2009 =
11 Months Post-op July 13, 2009 =
1 Year Post-op August 13, 2009 =

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