10 Yr. Post Op complication (Roux-N-Y)

Feb 13, 2016

About 4 months ago I began coughing a lot, especially at night time.  I often awakened with a headache, either from lack of sleep, or from what I believed was a sinus problem, thus causing the cough.  After antibiotics to kill any sinus infection, I went to an Ear, Eye, Nose and Throat specialist.  He took my history, and then put an endoscope up my nose to check things out.  Sounds bad, I know, but it really wasn't at all.  The worst thing was the taste of the numbing spray in my throat and nose.  After the exam I learned that my sinus' were perfectly normal, ears normal, eyes show positional vertigo, which I knew I had, and which he believes is what causes the headaches.  Now, what causes the vertigo.......well, it's drainage in my throat that gets up into the sinus and into the ear, causing infection and such.  The drainage is not from my head, but from my stomach!  coming up into my throat, causing the coughing.  It appears I have acid reflux.  OK. Doc put me on prilosec for 3 months to fix this problem....however...here is the part you want to pay attention to.......

He suggested I see my bariatric surgeon because the amount of 'acid' he could see just inches into my esophagus was much more than he normally sees.  So, I made an appointment the next day and saw Dr. Christopher Edwards, in Springfield, MO.  near where I live.

Dr. Edwards will run an EGD (tube in your throat down to your stomach) and look around to see what the problem is.  He actually said it is highly likely that my 'old stomach' which we bypassed, has " re-attached" itself to my now pouch stomach.  I had no idea this could even happen.  He also said that anyone over 10 years out, usually starts absorbing fats, sugars, etc more like a normal stomach person would do, because "Mother Nature" has figured out that even with just a few inches of small intestines for absorbtion, it has now been able to start working like it did when it was over 20 feet!

So, I'll have my EGD this coming wednesday, Feb 17th, and see what is going on.  I'll give an update soon.  Please if you are having coughing that you never had before, check with your doctor.  Things that can cause or aggrivate Acid Reflux are Caffine (which I drank like gangbusters...but not any more), Alcohol, and tobacco.

Be well.


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