Peterson's Hernia?

Sep 04, 2012

on aug 21 i went for my PATTS test at HRRH. On aug 31 i had Laparoscopy surgery at HRRH with my WLS:Dr.Hagen. It was at 11:30 a.m. I woke up at 1:05 p.m. I want to thank all the nurses and Dr.Hagen's staff. they were all so caring and looked after me so well. I have for incisions. Dr.Hagen Said he stitched up a small hole inside of me. I do have an appointment with him later this month and will get answers out of him. I believe and so does an good friend he did a Peterson's Hernia repair on me. I have had all the symptoms for the past 6 months. Went to two walk in clinics,took prevasaid,blood test,urine test,ultra sound,hida scan,endescopy,seen my WLS many I just had the Laparoscopy done. He says i have I.B.S. and I am taking Dicetel.I do not believe I have I.B.S. Who know's what is going on.....


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