Life is so hard lately! :(

Nov 10, 2010

Why does life have to suck so bad!! I have been trying for 2 and half years to have another baby off and on, with fertiltiy issues. We were so happy to find out in early august we were expecting!! We were so excited... Our son was excited! EVERYONE WAS SO HAPPY! Then it happend........I lost the baby!! It was the absolute WORST day or my life!! I miss my baby every single day!! I wonder what could have been!! Now I'm back to square one!! Not ovulating UGH! I haven't been losing weight because right now I just DON'T CARE! I feel so worthless! UGH I need some positive thinking But its just not happening right now!! Days are getting easier but I am so mad that my baby is gone!! SOMEDAY I hope to start feeling good about myself again and get back on track....SOON I hope.. There are days I'm so happy. I mean I fit into jeans... I got a beautiful 3 and half year old and a wonderful husband! UGH Sorry I needed to vent somewhere!! 


May 18, 2010

I think last friday was one of the best days of my life....LOL kind of funny to say but, I went SWIMSUIT SHOPPING (that was terrible). My son started swim lessons for parents and tots on Wed. and I needed something to wear since my ones I had ordered from didn't fit anymore, they fell off!! :) Anyways. I walked into Lane Bryant and they didn't carry swimsuits in store anymore.....So I started looking around, I found a pair of jean capris and I thought, ok why not give it a try....I got in the dressing room put them on and about started jumping for joy!! I walked out and I told the dressing room lady I was going to wear them out of the store!!!!! It was sooo exciting!! IT has been over 4 years since I've been able to buy jeans!! Well hopefully I will get used to them, they are quite different from my stretchy elastic waist band pants!! I had a fill on May 5th and with before surgery weight included I've lost 115 lbs! :) YAYYYY! I'm trying to get some new pics on here but they all say they are too big!! Will try again later! :)

Fill #2

Mar 11, 2010

Well I had my 2nd fill yesterday, I needed it, I haven't felt restriction since surgery (Dec 14th) and I'm not losing ANYTHING... I got a treadmill from my mom who just got a new one, and I've been doing every other day for 10 minutes. Really give me a workout since I'm not used to all that walking.  Kinda hurts the leg but it's worth the pain!! Anyways...back to the fill..... the P.A. doing it said it was written that I had 5cc's in my 14cc band, come to find out I had 6cc. So she added another 2, making it 8cc in total. I'm not sure yet if I notice a difference or not.... last night I had some mashed potatoes for supper.  And liquids are going just fine..... Sure hoping I get some good restriction this fill or I will be back in 2 weeks for another fill! :) I'm down 100lbs..... And I can't wait for its to start coming off again...I'm at a stand still once again!! :(

Been Awhile

Jan 29, 2010

Hey EVERYONE!! Well, its been awhile, been super busy potty training my little man!! As of Monday I was down 95 lbs so far!!! YEAYYYY I was stuck at -89 for about a month and the scale finally decided to move!! I get my first fill on the 17th of FEB. And cannot wait!! Its been super hard to exercise with the crazy Minnesota weather we've been having and my arthritis in my ankle acting up, but I'm trying... I can feel a difference in walking with the weight loss so far. I can't wait to lose more.  I also have some clothes now that look like parachute on me! LOL I'm going thrifting this weekend hopefully to try to find some new clothes. Who can afford new ones these day!! I'm just hoping I can find SOMETHING!! Well, I will write again after my fill!! SOO EXCITED FOR IT! 
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Surgery went well...I get out of this hospital this afternoon!

Dec 15, 2009

Well, Surgery was monday at 1...I was in recovery by 3:30 and was in my room by 6 pm... Went on 3 walks monday night! Tuesday morning I had my swallow study which went well. I started drinking which made lots of gas come back up.... So I wasn't drinking much, Tuesday afternoon I started drinking more but still not enough for them. So they decided to keep me one more night. I got up this morning had some broth, now some cranberry juice and am doing well with that. Later today I get to go home! I CANNOT wait to sleep in my own bed! :) I'm having a little bit of pain but nothing like I thought it would be like.... Just in my port sight it hurts when I move around.... My goal for today is to walk, walk, walk until my mom comes to get me about 430! LOL Hopefully will be home by 6pm tonight :)



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