Been Awhile

Jan 29, 2010

Hey EVERYONE!! Well, its been awhile, been super busy potty training my little man!! As of Monday I was down 95 lbs so far!!! YEAYYYY I was stuck at -89 for about a month and the scale finally decided to move!! I get my first fill on the 17th of FEB. And cannot wait!! Its been super hard to exercise with the crazy Minnesota weather we've been having and my arthritis in my ankle acting up, but I'm trying... I can feel a difference in walking with the weight loss so far. I can't wait to lose more.  I also have some clothes now that look like parachute on me! LOL I'm going thrifting this weekend hopefully to try to find some new clothes. Who can afford new ones these day!! I'm just hoping I can find SOMETHING!! Well, I will write again after my fill!! SOO EXCITED FOR IT! 

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