Life is so hard lately! :(

Nov 10, 2010

Why does life have to suck so bad!! I have been trying for 2 and half years to have another baby off and on, with fertiltiy issues. We were so happy to find out in early august we were expecting!! We were so excited... Our son was excited! EVERYONE WAS SO HAPPY! Then it happend........I lost the baby!! It was the absolute WORST day or my life!! I miss my baby every single day!! I wonder what could have been!! Now I'm back to square one!! Not ovulating UGH! I haven't been losing weight because right now I just DON'T CARE! I feel so worthless! UGH I need some positive thinking But its just not happening right now!! Days are getting easier but I am so mad that my baby is gone!! SOMEDAY I hope to start feeling good about myself again and get back on track....SOON I hope.. There are days I'm so happy. I mean I fit into jeans... I got a beautiful 3 and half year old and a wonderful husband! UGH Sorry I needed to vent somewhere!! 


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