J.K. Champion

"My first impression was very laid back. He was wearing khaki's and a shirt that was unbuttons at the top 2. He was a little rushed, but answered all of my questions. I was a little upset that I weighed more than I thought, and 2 inches shorter, resulting in a raised BMI. He wanted to know why it mattered as it wasn't much difference, and I couldn't explain but it put me off a little. He is huge on afterare and is involved in his own online chat and message board support system. He explained all of the risks. --- I was happy with him at the time - but writing this now, 7 years later - Wow he has got terrible bedside manner. That's all I'm going to say about that."

Emory Johns Creek Hospital (COE)

"Verynice, comfortable. AC in every room that you control."
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Apr 18, 2002
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