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Mar 23, 2010

Well This is my first blog and I had my surgery done in December of 08.
I was 324lbs and got down to 207lbs and found out we were expecting baby number 3.  I am now 219 and feel like crap because I have gained 12 lbs.  Before 12 lbs didn't phase me because I was so big you couldn't even tell.

I have had some issues as of late.  I get really dizzy. NOT just room spin type dizzy but the type of dizzy that when your sitting in a chair you almost just fall out and there is no reason for it.

I just had another follow up with my surgon today and it went great.

Sex drive is GONE and has been for over 3 years so pray for hubby but he is doing great with it all.  I still have a hard time understanding that I went from a 4x 30/32 clothes to a Large.  Its just CRAZY!  I still feel like the little fat girl but I feel faster now lol.


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