My new Journey Again.....

Mar 12, 2018

Welcome to Day one


 My name is Donna.  I am a corporate trainer for a major communications company.  I am 280 lbs as of today.  

 I am having difficulties in doing everyday things.  I can not walk a long distance.  I can not climb stairs without losing my breath.  I travel a lot for my job, traveling in a tiny seat in an airplane is uncomfortable for me and my row mates. 

I am addictive to Pepsi, McDonald's, and fried foods.  About 10 Years ago I had Lapband surgery and I did really well. 

I went from 280 to 185.  I enjoyed exercising.   But a piece of chicken got stuck and the liquid from my band was removed.  I started to gain the weight back.

I got divorced and moved to Tucson az for work 3 years ago.   I went to a bariatric dr. here in Tucson.  He told me that lapband failed for 90%. He has suggested the revision to the sleeve.  I am on my third month of a weight loss program that is required by my insurance. Of course, I have not lost any weight.

So my journey is beginning again.  




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Mar 12, 2018
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