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I'm curious if anybody uses this on a regular basis just as your overall lifestyle or as a maintenance tool or weight loss tool?

I'm 8 months post op and the past 4 months or so the weight loss has slowed waaay down, which I know is totally n

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I am almost 7 months post op and I have been very hit and miss with my food tracking. Some days are super easy and my foods are standard and simple to input. Other days are more confusing with "unknowns". I know a lot of people in this forum are big pr

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So far I'm feeling great, I haven't had any issues and the pain is all but gone (except around incision areas). I have been hitting my liquid goals and drinking protein shakes without problems. I'm down over 15lbs which is just crazy to me!


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I've been waiting weeks since my insurance authorization to get the call for surgery, and they gave me the date of February 5th! I'm excited to not have to wait very long, but now I'm having those panic-y thoughts thinking "This decision is forever. Ar

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I've seen the nutritionist 3 times now, with one more left to go before we can submit for insurance approval. For the most part she has been telling me exactly what I have already learned on my own regarding how I should be eating after surgery, except

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I am about half way through my 90 day nutrition program prior to surgery approval. I have been having a very hard time deciding which surgery, since I originally had my mind set on VSG but my surgeon suggested that people with a BMI higher than 40, esp

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