Started prep for surgery...

Jun 28, 2018

So I started my 8 day prep for surgery on Monday 6/25. Had my last whatever meal on Sunday that was bomb af by the way Thanks to my future mother in law.

Anyways so I’m on a 1,000 calories diet for 8 days. The last 3 days which is on Saturday starts the full liquid diet. Now I never knew how hard it was to meal prep but I’m learning little by little. My journal helps me log my intake so that I keep on track. Plus the help from the gastric manual my surgeon gave me literally gives me all details for food and what to expect prior to surgery as well as my post op care. I’ve dropped a couple more lbs just on this prep I’m doing. I’m glad I don’t have to get my gallbladder removed. Ct scan showed that was good. I do have a low iron & vitamin d level which I will start taking supplements.

I’m so excited yet nervous about this surgery. My day is around the corner after waiting months to get here. Ive got a good group of support behind me for surgery. All the prayers and love really do feel encouraging. I can’t wait to start seeing results. 


Will be making an an update day of surgery.

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Change for the better

May 30, 2018

Time for a update since it has been a while. 

First off I have decided to change my surgeon for my surgery. I am very much happy with my decision and I finally got an official surgery date. My surgery is July 3rd!!!! so I will be spending my birthday (July 4th) in a hospital bed but it is so worth it. My prior surgeon just had to many fees that I was not happy with. He wanted me to do a after surgery program that was 1,250 out of pocket compared to my new surgeon that has no after surgery fees but a similar if nt better program. I have scheduled an chest xray, u/s of my abdomen, ekg, and an endoscope prior to my surgery. Everything is going great and looking good for surgery so far. The only thing I am iffy about is getting my gallbladder removed if they find gallstones. I will be stoping my dose of phentermine (weightloss pill) and stop smoking weed on June 1st. I am so ready for this lifestyle change. 


On my own I have lost a little over 20lbs which is great prior to surgery. I do hope to lose at least 100 lbs within my first year after surgery. 

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Only one clearance left

Apr 04, 2018

So today I had my final appointment with my psychiatrist for my bariatric evualtion. Im happy to say I finally got that done and over with. He basicallly went over the wls surgery such as the pros and cons. He suggested some tips on after surgery that he has done with previous patients. I really didnt find his appointments useful even though he was very informative. My psychiatrist had me to do a 3 part visit but to save me time he did the 1st & 2nd part on my first visit then I had my last appointment with him today.

I just have 3 months remaining now for my pcp clearence and then I'll hopefully have an exact date for wls. I have been considering changing bariatric doctors since I have been doing a lot more research. I found a doctor who has spiked my interest in switching even though I am happy with the doctor I have now. 

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One step closer

Mar 06, 2018

My dietitian called today to ask some questions about my diet and about the surgery to see if I fully understand I guess. Very excited about it because it means my surgery is actually happening lol.

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Its a start.

Feb 22, 2018

So I really don't know where to start with this blog but I figured this would be a good first step.


I had my first appointment for my gastric sleeve Jan 3, 2018. I weighed in at 276 on a biatric scale but on a regular scale 286.I am currently going through my insurance bcbs in michigan. My doctor wants me to lose 1 pound a month for the next 6 months however I plan on losing more prior to surgery. Im not sure if thats a good idea but lets see. 

Im currently trying to slowly adjust my eating habits and working out so that my transition will go more smoothly. My surgery will be around July with not a set date but an esitmated date.

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