Day 5 : Feb 7, 2018

Feb 07, 2018

Today is a new day and I’m hoping for another good day. It’ll be my 3rd full day back at work and yes, I’m looking forward to the weekend so I can sleep in and relax. I’m going to try doing a cleanse too. Amber (my 18 yr old daughter) and I each got a 2 day It Works cleanse. No clue if it works at all but it can’t hurt. We’re going to do it over the weekend so that we can plan ahead what we’re goibg to eat. My goal with it is to kick start me into getting into the right mindset and to get me started with losing my cravings  and just in the right direction. For now, I’m just praying for strength to keep going in the right direction.


* 6:30 am- coffee w/protein shake for creamer
* 7:20 am- coffee w/protein shake for creamer
* 8:45 am coffee w/protein shake for creamer
* 10:00 am- 8oz ff fairlife milk w/ 1/2 banana & a scoop of chocolate slimfast powder
* 10:20 am- decaf green tea
* 12:00 pm- coffee w/protein shake for creamer
* 1:00 pm- ff Greek yogurt, 1/2 pk sugar free oatmeal, 2T protein granola, 1/4 c omega 3 trail mix & 3/4 med apple
* 3:00 pm- coffee w/protein shake for creamer
                        Evening ...
* 5:45 pm- 2 egg-roll wrappers w/ 1 egg, 2T salsa, 3 oz ham cubes & 1 3/4 oz Edam cheese all cooked in air fryer. 1/8 c pistachios.

*6:45- 1 graham cracker sheet w/sugar free chocolate pudding snack pack
* 8:00 pm- mini bag microwave popcorn


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