Day 7 : Feb 9, 2018

Feb 09, 2018

Today has been good but its only 1:20 and I just finished my lunch. I am normally a very positive person who always sees the glass half full but this whole trying to get back to my disciplined eating lifestyle is HARD. I am having such a hard time controlling ‘head hunger’ and overeating, especially when dealing with a ton of stress lately. I have crap for support at home and a lot of stress with my marriage lately too. When I think things start going good, slam, another bump in the road.
Anyway, I have done fairly good this week. I pretty much stayed away from sweets but for some reason, it doesn’t matter what I eat for meals, I still feel hungry afterwards as though I haven’t eaten hardly anything even though I know I’ve had enoug. I’m sure its all in my head so HOW do I stop it??

I am ready for tomorrow. Didn’t do too too bad today. Amber and I are having a night together so stopped at Walmart on the way to pick up some groceries and snacks. We had some really yummy salads with avocado, mozzarella cheese, hard boiled eggs and grilled chicken for dinner. For dessert/snack we had sugar free Russell stover chocolates and Halo Top ice cream. I did go over my calories by a little bit at least it was somewhat guiltless.

Tomorrow will be a ‘fresh start’. Send me strength!!!!! 


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