6 months out - 128 lbs.  I see the bariatric doc on the 16th of April.  BMI 22.  Health is good, hair is sparse, and I'm trying to figure out how to increase my calories.  (Oh there's a phrase I've seldom used)

5.5 months out and close to goal, which surprises me.  I feel overall really good, but am struggling to increase calories and keep making healthy choices to do it.  My 7 "ologists" are over the moon at the improvements, as is my family.

I track everything I eat in MyPlate by Livestrong, which I started years ago when I had to have shots for diabetes.  It helps me feel accountable.

I don't see my physician until mid-April.  We do another Fit3D scan.  I have yet to start exercise.  

3 months out, but off 13 medications and no more angina; all blood work normal.  My highest weight was 240, SW was 197.8.  Am at 147.2 today.  Just sort of "lurking" for the moment!

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