2 weeks post op VSG..and regretting this

Sep 04, 2019

 .....I feel like I should have never done this. Im sick of all this liquid and protein talk. Im sitting here  reading other posts of people eating 2 or 3 spoonfuls of food.....really??? Is that how life is going to be??

I can deal with a baby plate or bowl but 2 or 3 tspns really??? 

Then- all the fat free sugar free c*** the nutritionist talks about has actually been proven to be worse for you. If you eat the foods in moderation thats the key....which before we all struggled with becaise we cpuld fill our 2 liter stomachs. I want to be healthy and lose weight obviously the reason I did this....but reading about the 2 to 3 bites is extreme ....too much no good...too little no good either

Stresseddddd ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 



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