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Mar 14, 2019

AFter a few years of thinking about doing surgery, the surgery is scheduled.

I used to feel like all I needed was more will power, more self control, less laziness.

I've always had to watch my weight, I watched what I ate but I worked out. I wore out two treadmills, I had a personal trainer, I walked, I had weights at home, I went to gyms. I always worked out and kept my weight down, even after three kids. I did it becuase my husbands (I was married 4 times by the time I was 28). All my husbands let me know if I put on 5 lbs. When I met my current husband I was 40. The first night I spent with him I got up to go to the gym in the morning. He told me to skip the gym and stay with him, that was it, I rarely went back the next 14 years. I steadily gained weight going from 130 to 251 in 14 years. At first I told myself I was just enjoying being with someone that wasn't with me for my looks, that actually like me as a person. My husband has never said anything about my weight. The times that I have dieted or tried working out he's always supported me. He is the cook in the family, I totally enjoyed this since I had always been the cook. He loved to make me good food. We have friends over a lot and he enjoys feeding us well.

I've felt bad about my weight and knew it was just becuase I was lazy and had no self control anymore. I kept telling myself I'd lose it. I never did. My health has gone down, by joints hurt, my feet kill me, I was put on Victoza for blood sugar. I feel like the girls in Willie Wonka that ate the blueberry and blew up like a balloon.

I've toyed with the idea of surgery and just couldn't do it. I just had my 55th birthday and decided this is my year. I started yoga to ease joint pain and took the leap to have surgery. I was afraid my husband would balk at the idea but I was pleasently surprised. He said if it helps my health then he's all for it.

Our insurance doesn't cover the surgery. I know I can't afford $20,000 for surgery. I found a respectable bariatric center in Mexico. The facility does only bariatric surgery and skin removal plastic surgeries. I have researched the facility and the Dr. I am confident in my decision and I'm looking forward to surgery.


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Mar 14, 2019
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