Still exhausted and sick

Feb 12, 2018

So I've not posted in a while. Its 3:15am and I'm struggling with insomnia, nausea and pain when i eat or drink.  Dr said I've got ulcers. And another thinks i have diverticulitis as i have painful bms.

I am back to work 20 hrs a week but the struggle to get up everyday is so real. If i go out with my kids or to an event it takes over 24 hrs to recover. Its so frustrating i just want my old life back. I use to be able to go out friday night do mom stuff Saturday then go out the night and be able to be on time for church sunday. Now if i do a load of laundry and make it in the shower that's it.

I'm not going to lie i see people who had surgery and no complications and I'm jealous. I know i shouldn't be but i was so much happier and full of life 118lbs ago...

Now my life is full of pills and dr visits. Waiting for the next set of bad news. Current lab results say the patient results are of one with either liver,  kidney or malnutrition along with anemia. Urine is showing some kind of blood loss. And the list goes on... 

Totally having buyers remorse over my vsg and rny..  



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