over 300 lbs.  Chose WLS in Mexico with Dr. Alvarez to save my life.

I never lost my hunger, like many do.

I got through the first few years relying on restriction, food rules and heavy duty exercising.

Body let me know the exercise was no longer an option with muscle spasms.

Mind let me know that the food rules I was using was causing rebellion in my behavior.

Reality showed me restriction was not going to protect me from regain.

Menopause showed me that what I held in my mind to be true about EVERYTHING was what led to all my results.

Thought work showed me that mindset is EVERYTHING.

Now I am a mindset coach.  I am BLESSED to share with others that their regain is an invitation to the best life ever.

Sounds reDONKulous and know this is true.

There is hope.  its not in another food program, pouch reset, or calorie manipulation.

The call is coming from inside the house, friend, its your MIND set.

Reach out.  I can help. 

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Looking for a sign?  This is it, baby.

February and March 2020, I am offering 8 free coaching sessions as a Taste and See sampler.

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