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Nov 07, 2017

I am 2 weeks out VSG and I'm having an extremely hard time reaching my 60g of protein minimum a day. After surgery I beg began to hate the smell of everything and I'm not able to put it in my mouth. I never liked milk or milk consistency like products but ice cream is my favorite (awkward I know) I've tried the juice like protein drinks but the smell won't allow me to drink it. I am barely getting 40g of protein a day please anyone can you help me with any suggestions I am desperate? 


5 days Post Op...

Oct 31, 2017

 My surgery was a success  only problem I had was the gas from anesthesia giving me pain in my shoulders. It was horrible at first I was in tears but it only lasted 2 days. Today I'm feeling great no real pain honestly I expected more pain but I'm releaved I don't have any. I do think I have "fat brain" though, I crave food but I'm not hungry. But in all I'm excited and happy to be continuing my journey. 

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