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Jul 11, 2022

Hello..let me start by saying my journey has been complicated.  I was always chubby as a child.. i developed bad eating habits at a young age and eating disorders as well .. A week after I turned 30 I went into the states and had a gastric bypass ... within 6 months I had went from 248 pounds to 160 .. then I fell in love .. life changed so sudden I was unprepared..all my dreams were coming true and within the month I got pregnant ... after I had the baby...all the help for the bypass slipped away and I started gaining weight again... I fell into a depression...mainly because my goal of being skinny looked like it was never going to happen ...during this time I moved into the states from Canada and married a man that worked for the government... because of his job we had amazing coverage and because of my steady weight gain  I looked into a revision ... this time I was going to have a DS and was going to do it right ... for years.. actually for the past 9 years it's been amazing and I'll kept it all off ..  buT about 10 months ago I was in a very bad motorcycle accident that almost cost me my life and left me very damaged... my shoulder and my arm were severely damages... now I suffer in constant pain.. and my body has fallen to the waist side and within the past year I've gained about 35 pounds .. which makes me upto about 170 pounds when I weighed myself within this past goal weight it between 140 and 145.. so here I sit..I would like some help and I' to whomever and whatever stories will help me on my journey as well as to help wherever I can

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