Happy 19th Surgiversary To Me!!!

Apr 21, 2023


Happy 10 Year Surgiversary To Me!

Apr 22, 2015


My Journey Continues!!!!

Apr 21, 2013

broken heartangrykissHAPPY 8 YEAR "SURGI-VERSARY" TO ME!!! broken heartangrykiss


April 21, 2011 6 Years Out & Counting!!!

Apr 21, 2011


Goodbye 2006!!! Hello 2007!!!

Dec 31, 2006


Well, another year has come and gone!  For the most part it's been all good!  I've had 5 surgeries in just under 18 months!  I've also lost about 170 lbs since my WLS on 04/21/05! I know I can lose that last 35 lbs although the scale hasn't budged for a few months now.  I haven't really been exercising since by last surgery which was back surgery.  I'm going to continue with my exercise in the new year and I WILL REACH MY GOAL WEIGHT AND MAINTAIN IT!!!  GOD WILLING!!!  

I know it's not the best way to start the New Year but, I have another surgery scheduled in mid February of this up-coming year.  This time I'm having a big, old pesky nodule removed from my thyroid.  When I was really fat I couldn't even tell it was there!  By chance I was sent to see an ENT specialist, Dr. Jeffrey Goldberg, for a completely different issue - a knot on the side of my head!  Well, Dr. Goldberg was more interested in what was going on with the big bulge in the middle of my neck.  One thing led to another and I ended up having a biopsy on the "lump" on my neck, along with some blood work and an MRI of my head.  Turns out the "thing" on the side of my head that I originally went to see Dr. Goldberg for was just an overgrowth of bone. Nothing to be concerned about!  However, the MRI showed a nodule on my thyroid!  An Ultrasound showed other characteristics of the nodule (size, etc.).  Unfortunately, that sucker is growing despite my undergoing thyroid suppression therapy.  So now it's gotta come out!  Ah well!  At least the initial biopsy proved to be benign.  We'll know more about the nodule once it's been removed and studied.

What I'm really looking forward to is my plastic surgery!  I'm having my boobs reconstructed from the skin, muscle, and fat or excess flesh from the stomach!  Hot Dog!!!!  I get to have a tummy tuck!!!  Some day I'm going to get my arms and most likely my thighs done as well!  Life can be so exciting at times!!!  I'm just so darned glad I had WLS!!!  The only drawback for me has been not being able to take anti-inflammatories!!!  I really needed them after having back surgery!!!  But, that's a very small price to pay compared to what I've gained since having my gastric bypass!!!

Anyway, I wish nothing but the best to ALL man and womenkind this up coming year!  May all of your hopes and wildest dreams come true!!!

Until next year - be good!!!  If you can't be good, then at least be careful!!!  Hehe!!! ;0)

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Goodbye 2006!!! Hello 2007!!!