Paul E. Macik

"03/30/05 When I met with Dr. Macik for the first time, I found him to be warm and personable! I especially took notice of his firm handshake and reassuring smile! I didn't have a lot of questions for Dr. Macik as a pre-op, but I'm sure I will have more questions once I am post-op! From the information I've gathered from a few reliable sources, Dr. Waits and Dr. Macik are two of the finest Bariatric surgeons in the South! The office staff is very precise and efficient! I heard that the staff is very busy but not to busy to answer your questions! I also found this to be true. I will be actively participating in Drs. Waits and Macik's support group post-op. From what I have learned and experienced thus far, I would rate Dr. Macik and his staff a solid 10++! 04/26/05 Now that my surgery is completed and I've met with Dr. Macik a few times throughout my hospital stay, my opinion of him and his office staff remains the same! Both are top-notch!!! "

Northside Hospital-Atlanta

"The hospital itself could have been cleaner! Especially my bathroom! I had a private room that was supposed to have a recliner type chair for the person staying with me overnight. Instead there was just two regular chairs to put together to sleep on. This to me was not worth the extra expense of having a private room."

Tammy Holcomb

"Tammy is an exceptional therapist! She primarily specializes in and works with clients who have eating disorders and other related issues. I have found her counsel and guidance to be invaluable! My life has improved ten-fold because I committed to working with Tammy individually as well as in her therapy groups. She is very sensitive towards her obese client's issues and is pro-WLS only as a last resort for losing weight! "
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