In a nutshell I have been overweight since high school. I am in my 40's now. I have shuguled with not being able to do activites like hiking, bike riding, camping (Is ok but nothing real roughing it) If I was only a few pounds less I can do them without huffing and puffing. One of my goals is to hike a portion of the Applaltion Trial. At my current weight I wont last a few miles.

In Dec of 2016 I started my weight loss journey with an informational meeting. As of May of 2017 I have been thur 6 mts of WLS Classes, I've been poked and proded, had pulmonary, cardiolgy, mental exam (proven I anit crazy, LOL) and am now ready for surgery.

My new life begins Now. ......  ( More to come) :-) 

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Dec 04, 2016
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