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I am a year out tomorrow and doing great overall. I am currently taking the Procare Health one a day vitamins they are capsules. I am shopping around and have found a comparable although it is in tablet form. Are we okay to take tablets

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I am 7 months out from surgery, down over 100 lbs now, and me and the Hubby are taking a trip down south to Toronto for the weekend. What and where do you like to eat that is somewhat bariatric friendly downtown Toronto? Please note that I am also alle

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My surgery is October 29th, and I just had my pre-op appointment today. I am just wondering the things to bring with me for my stay. I have to travel about 4 hours, and we are staying in an AirBnB not too far from the hospital the first night, and my h

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So I am allergic to optifast and the dietitian came up with a diet (called a modified protein sparing diet). Below are the things I will be eating, everyday for 3 weeks, I almost wish it was optifast because then I wouldn't have so much variety! I need

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I got my surgery date! November 5th, at St Micheal's in Toronto with Dr. Rotstein. I've been so anxious waiting for this call for the past couple weeks. This is a relief to finally have dates!

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I am currently pre-op and just started the process. I just got out of an appointment with my gynecologist confirming that I have endometriosis and that the next course of action for me and specially with my RNY in the works that I get an IUD (Mirena?).

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I am just going through my blood test results online and everything is good except my Vitamin D. I am still waiting for information from my bariatric clinic, but what are the chances of me getting denied because of this??? Anyone have to deal with it?

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I am just wondering which surgery you did and why.

I am still trying to inform myself and am just starting my process. Please note; I am 30, I currently have very little health problems, some hormones issues and I am pre-diabetic.

I kn

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I'm just at the beginning of the entire process but I'm wondering if anyone has had to deal with an asperthame/sucralose allergy through the optifast stage. From what I read they all have asperthame or sucralose in them which cause me to get very bad m

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Hi everyone,

I was just referred for bariatric surgery on Tuesday! They are mailing me the information package this week. I am just wondering, what would be the best advice you can give me to help me get through this (probably) year or so wait

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