My story is pretty much the same as most others on this site.  I was a chubby kid, who evened out during my middle and high school years.  I was a good size 8 until my first daughter Miranda was born.  After her birth I was a size 10, which was not bad, but uncomfortable for me, until I got pregnant again and had my second daughter Arianna.  Pregnancy and age does funny things to your metabolism, as I am sure many of you know, and I was stuck at 240 pounds before I knew it.  I lost the weight, gained the weight, lost it, gained it, until before I knew it, I was up to 310 pounds.  Enough is enough and I started researching weight loss surgery.  I went to several information sessions before choosing a doctor.  I absolutely trust Dr. Z and his entire staff, and feel comfortable putting my life and future in his hands.  I have gotten nothing but kind encouragement from everyone in the office, including the doctor himself.  I am currently fighting with my insurance company to get approved, and Bev (the insurance lady at the Dr. office) has been nothing but diligent, going to bat for me.  (*Thanks Bev*)  I am confident that I will get approval, and I am simply making the best of my time by losing more weight with diet and exercise.  I am now down to 275 and would like to be at 250 by the time I have surgery.  So that's about it for me.....a fat girl looking for a little help along the way.....not any different than anyone else. 

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