Was always an avid hunter, golfer, griller and beer drinker.

2010 blew out my right ankle and had it repaired.  Was strongly advised to quit golf.  That was huge blow.

April 3, 2015 I injured my back by utilizing poor lifting techniues and doing so in a fatigued state.  A dumb mistake on my part.  I was out of work for the next 6 weeks and taking all the perscrived meds, injections and everything under the sun.  Heck, I would have consulted a wtich doctor had I known of one, lol.  

The spine surgeon urged me to consider weigth loss surgery vs back surgery.  So did my primary care doctor.  I was in a bariatric program a few months later....and then onto sleeve surgery and another abdominal hernia repair (3rd time's the charm, right ?).  

The unwanted fat started burning off at an accelerated pace.  

So far I've lost a large chunk of the unwanted weight.....but still ahve a long way to go.

I made some really great friends over at the BP site but things have become very harsh towards the very people who were there to help me along my way.  I've found out about this Obesity Help through them and and very, very grateful to have found my way here.

I've got a long way to go and appreciate the help and support that I see among the members here.

Life is good....but, leaner life is better.

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