Researching WLS in America and Mexico

Jul 09, 2018

For the past 4 years I have been reseaching WLS as probbly most people have been doing before they made their decision on where, when and who to go to for WLS. I believe my best research outcomes have benn with Dr. A at Endobariatrics. He is transparent along with his Team. They are on Social Media and involved with their past, present and future patients everyday of the week. Endobaraitrics prices are higher than most of the weight loss Teams out their at approximatelt $8,900, but seem to be one of the best which includes everything needed for successful WLS. If anyone has something to add to this please do for others to learn from.....

Recently I have been looking at Mexico Bariatrics and Beliteweight. I understand they are only "Booking Agents" and not the actual Surgeons. But, their prices are very reasonable! $4,500 or so. But.....I filled out the questioner from Beliteweight and havent seen any emails from them to get information on WLS, etc.....nor was I able to upload a Newsletter that they sent to me. 

I'd like to hear others comments on the three i have mentioned here.

United States WLS is far more stringent! in other words.....Ugh! They make you go through so much BS for 9 months to a year probably hoping you will not go through it and thus letting them off the hook. When in fact there are more deaths that occur from WLS done in the United States than Mexico as far as I understand. Please chime in with your comments which I welcome.....I know people whio have gone to Mexico for WLS and people who have gone through WLS in the US and it seems like they way they treat you, the condiiton of the facility, the pain medications, the prices and the positive end results people are getting are from Mexico Weight Loss Surgeons. 

I would like to hear your Pros and Cons of each country. 

Thank you for your time! 




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