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I've been reading and reading about the different surgery types and who does what. Narrowed it down to the sleeve in Mexico since I can pay for it and see some good things about a few surgeons there. For those who had surgery there, what do you do for

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I'm researching on everything about surgery, but am curious if they are doing surgeries in Mexico now..does anyone know, and do you have to quarantine before or after you cross the border? I will call some of the centers there, but the people on this w

ELLA_C posted a discussion topic 3 weeks ago

Hello everyone. Most of you might think this is a lame question, but I was looking at a surgeon's website and the before/after photos. In a few of the men's photos, the before pictures seemed to show larger heads/faces on them and the before pictures s

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I'm new here and not ready to make any decisions on having surgery until I find out more about it, but I told my boyfriend that I am seriously looking into options and he flipped his gourd. Why would he react like that when it could be something good f

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