Timothy Hipp

"I was referred to Dr. Hipp by Dr. Earl Pickens due to a hernia I had. I weighed over 350lbs. I went to surgery on 6/12/15. Dr. Hipp had me in and out of surgery fast. I went in on a Friday morning and was out of the hospital by Sunday afternoon. Dr. Hipp came and checked on at least twice on Friday after I woke and also on Saturday as well as his PA came to see me as well. I weighed 358lbs the day of surgery. I now weigh in between 220 to 230lbs. Dr. Hipp less then a year after my sleeve also removed my hernia. He did a great job on both my surgeries. My scars are very small and barely noticeable now. Dr. Earl Pickens did my gallbladder removal and the scars to that surgery are also barely noticeable. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Hipp if you are wanting to look into the surgery and if you decide you want to get the sleeve surgery Dr. Hipp is the best. One of a kind doctor. Very happy with everything he has done for me."
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Mar 01, 2017
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