Back Again....

Jan 28, 2020


I just wanted to start  by saying that i had a profile on OH years ago when i first strated my journey,I basically lived on here and was on ever forum possible trying to learn as much as i can and do as much research as possible. I origally had surgey 3/13/12 and i had a sleeve.The day of my surgery i was 455.3 pounds fast foward to 2020 and the lowest weight that ive gotten down too was 306. I'm currently weigh 319 and i'm ok with that althought i never did hit my goal of 230 i'm very proud of all the prgress that i've made...So you might wonder what brings me back to OH,Well i'm schedulded to have Revison of sleeve to bypass on 2/12/20 because of GERD with no relief from medication. Intial i wasn't sure if i wanted too but i can't deal  with this flare up from the gerd,I'm nervous and excited to be on the loser bench again.My surgeron already told that i wont lose the same amounth of weight that i intial did and i'm okay with that ,Just as long as this GERD goes away and i get under 300 pounds i'll be happy. Overall i've had a textbook surgery and recovery and i pray for the samething this time around. So now i'm just couting down the days until my surgery daty which is right around the corner.



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