Foamhead posted a discussion topic 2 months ago

Is it normal after two months for your stomach to be able to handle slightly more food? I'm not overeating or anything but I find I can eat more than when I started if I want to. Currently I can finish an egg, half a can of tuna and a half cup of vege

Foamhead posted a discussion topic 2 months, 2 weeks ago

I am on about week 7 of my gastric bypass surgery. I have lost significant weight but one thing I notice is sometimes it shoots back up about a pound or pound and a half. There is no way I'm eating nearly enough calories to gain, so where on earth is i

Foamhead posted a discussion topic 3 months ago

I wiz just fine, but I only go to the bathroom once every few days. Even something like Metamucil seems to take forever to have an effect. Is this infrequency normal?

Foamhead posted a discussion topic 4 months ago

I am wondering if anyone else here struggled to drink anything their first week. I can barely get a few sips in here and there and have the occasional half cup of juice/water mix.

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